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Work Order Form Template

work-order-form-templateA work order form is one of the most helpful tools that can be used to place work requests to your service providers or suppliers. It is simple to keep track of every job and all of the important details by using our free work order form. In giving a clear picture of the job from start to finish, the work order form provides suppliers with useful information on the work be carried out.

Use a work order form to assign a job number and a description of the job to be done for vendors. Placing a date on the form helps to assure that each job is handled in a timely manner. This is also extremely helpful in accurately scheduling on-going, routine maintenance work orders that must be done at set intervals.

Having the right work order form makes it easy to list all of the components of getting a job done. Materials can be itemized and priced. It keeps your business running smoothly by quickly depicting the materials that need to be located in stock to prepare for the job. Alternately, parts can be expeditiously ordered if they’re not already on hand.

In addition to materials, items such as labor, travel time, pick-up and delivery fees and charges for special considerations can all be included. Use the information to accurately schedule and charge for the number of workers and hours needed for an assignment. Transparency of the details will eliminate disputes over any charges when it’s time to be paid for the job.

In fact, template work order forms can be duplicated in ways that are appropriate for various purposes. Make copies that are color-coded according to use as a job proposal, an estimate for the client or a worker’s checklist. Use the form to make a final invoice. Just add all of the costs plus any applicable tax to arrive at the total amount due. Download a free work order form and put it to work for you!