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Service Work Order

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Service Work Order and How It Works

Service work orders or simply, work orders, are used by service companies to indicate that some work or service needs to be done. It is usually filled out by the customers for processing of the company and is then forwarded to the right department or personnel.

Here is a service work order template with its typical content:

The work order form contains the company logo, address and other contact details. It also has space intended for Customer Information (name, address and other contact details) as well as the date the order has been made.

A greater part of the service work order form is intended for the description of the services (to be) rendered.

There is usually the quantity and unit of service requested and the description of the service.
Qty: 1
Unit: Hour
Description: Full-body Massage

Next to the description of services are the rates. There are two columns intended for the prices; one is for the unit price and the other is for the line total (total amount of service rendered times the number of units it is served in).

Further down the columns, there is a space intended for the SUBTOTAL amount of services, additional tax, and the grand total.

The importance of the service work order form

Simply said, the work order form is a detailed breakdown of a customer’s orders and how much each service costs, as well as the aggregate cost of all the services indicated in that order.

It is important for both the customer and the company for the simple reason that it explains in detail what needs to be paid. While a receipt only usually contains the amount to be paid, the service work order form contains every single article on the order, as well as the amount of the sales tax added on the grand total. This protects the customers from hidden fees. Likewise, it helps the businesses track down the services they have rendered to see if they match the records on earnings and inventories.

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