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Sample Service Invoice


We provide you with sample service invoice template so you can use to make your own service invoice quickly and easily.  Creating service invoice has never been easier with this service invoice sample.

This sample of service invoice is in Excel worksheet that make is very simple to use.  It provides various sections for filling out essential information.

At the top section of the invoice, you can add your company name with the logo.

At the next section, on the left-hand side, you can add your company details including company name, street address, phone, zip code, phone, website, email and fax. This information will help your customer realize the invoice sent from your company.  On the right-hand side, you can fill out invoice number, bill to the customer with all amounts in details.

The main section of the invoice is the itemized list of services that you have done including date, description and amount. The subtotal, tax and grand total automatically calculated to reflect all line items listed.

You can add your payment as well as due date into the invoice to make it clearly for your customer to process the payment.

This sample service invoice has sample data in it. In order to create your service invoices, you need to remove the sample data first and fill out your information.