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Graphic Design Invoice


Processing payments after successfully completing graphic design work is a very important step. Mostly, designers use pre-printed invoices to ask for payments of services that they have completed but there is another easier way around.

You can get a free downloadable graphic design invoice template from our website. We have designed a more versatile invoice template to help you create great looking invoices for your business.

You can print the invoice after entering all the relevant details on the template. The template is characteristically designed so that all relevant details about your business and those of your client(s) are captured. The graphic design invoice template is designed with a background that reflects the art that you engage in. It is divided vertically into three sections that can be identified as top, bottom and body.

The top section bears the words “Invoice” that uniquely serves to distinguish the invoice from other accounting documents such as receipt, quote and contract. On the left hand side, there is an area where the you can insert his or her business logo. The logo is important because it gives the invoice a personalized feel.

Details about your clients are supposed to be entered on the left hand side on an area that can be easily identified; the details captured include; name of your client, his/her company, physical address and the telephone number. On the right hand side, it give you two sections. The first one captures the date that the invoice is drawn and the invoice number. The second is used for entering your name, your company name, business address and your telephone number.

In the body section, the graphic design invoice template captures a belief description about the services that you have already completed and details about their charges. This section is belief but important as it contains amounts to be paid by your client.

The bottom section of the template has an acknowledgment message, thank you for your business, and a section to be signed by client to affirm that the contents of the invoice are correct.

The graphic design invoice templates are available in Word format which gives you an opportunity to edit and customize to suits your business needs.