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Free Service Invoice Template


Are you looking for a free service invoice templates to create your own professional invoices for your company? You can download a simple yet well-designed service invoice template that will help you create service invoices free, fast and easily.

The free service invoice template features various sections required by a service invoice. You just have to fill out the essential information that makes sense to your business.

At the top left section, you can insert you company name with the slogan as well as address details including street, phone and fax.  You can also fill out the customer details such as contact name, company name, street, city, zip code and phone number.

If you company finished a project for the customer, you can put the project name and purchase order number into the invoice as well.

In the main section, the invoice template gives you a table that you can add the services that your company has carried. The services list table includes description, hours, rate and amount of each item. The grand totals of the invoice will be calculated based on the line item totals.

The free service invoice template also provides you with a ready to use payment term:  “Make all checks payable to [your company name]. Total due in 15 days. Overdue amounts subject to a service charge of 1% per month”. If this payment term matches yours, you just have to fill out your company name.  Otherwise, you can modify it to make it work for you.

The free service invoice template is in Microsoft Word template so it is very simple to use.  In order to use this template, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Download the file in the ZIP format
  2. Extract it using ZIP program before accessing the template
  3. Open the service invoice template file and fill out your business information
  4. Save the invoice template as your template to reuse it the future
  5. Create a new invoice from your template with your business information already filled out. You just need to fill out other information such as customers, services, term of payment…

It is important to note that you should always generate two copies of the invoice. You keep one for bookkeeping purpose. And you send the other to the customer. It is necessary to create PDF version of the invoice if you send it to your customer via email. All you need to do is print the invoice using PDF printer.

Using this free service invoice template eventually saves you time and money by utilizing what we provide, free service invoice template; and what you already have in your PC, Microsoft Word.