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Credit Memo Sample

Credit Memo Sample

If you want to issue a credit memo to your customer, you can use our free credit memo sample in Word document format to start with.

A credit memo or credit memorandum is a document that a company issues to a customer to reduce the amount on an invoice. Through the credit memo, the company can either pay the customer the amount or reduce the account receivable of the customer.

A credit memo shows a list of products, quantities, and prices that the company will pay the customer. It can be used in case of defect goods, rebate, etc.

If a credit memo refers to a previous invoice, it will reduce the amount that the customer has to pay. Usually, a credit memo references to an original invoice.

To create a credit memo fast, you can download the credit memo sample in Microsoft Word document and fill out all relevant information such as date, customer #, company detail, and a list of itemized products or services that you want to repay the customers.

Note that this credit memo sample allows you to customize your company logo to make even more suitable for your business.