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Construction Invoice Template


Learning to create and fill out a construction invoice is an important requirement especially for those who work in construction sites. If you do not know how this is done, there are chances that you will not receive your payment on time.

The good news is that we provide you with a free construction invoice template prepared for workers to fill out with necessary details, this task should not be difficult.

A construction invoice is usually designed to contain important details regarding a completed construction job. This label goes in the upper right side of the invoice, just above the date and the invoice number.

Opposite to the label, on the left, is the company logo. Below the company logo is where you will indicate to whom the payment will be billed. In here, state the name of the contact person who hired you along with his company name, street address, city, state, zip code, phone number and his customer ID.

Then opposite this information, state your name along with your complete address for payment, zip code, and contact number.

Directly below the aforementioned details are the arrival time and the departure time which indicates the period or duration covered for the completion of the construction service.

After this, you have to provide a work description that states the type of work or service that you performed on site. Just below your work description, you have to fill out a table that shows four columns – Quantity, Material, Unit, and Price.

In the table, you have to itemize the number and cost of materials or supplies used for the construction services. You just have to find the total materials and labor cost including tax charges to determine the total amount that you expect to be paid.

After filling out the construction invoice template, confirm the completion of the contract and leave a space for the customer to sign. Also include the date that the invoice is signed.

You should be familiar with these details to create a professional construction invoice.