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Commercial Invoice Sample


Are you looking for commercial invoice sample?  You can download a professional sample commercial invoice here. This commercial invoice sample is similar to sales invoice format except some specific parts for customs uses such as export license, Incoterm, and legal statement.

Using this sample commercial invoice is easy. You just need to download the template file, extract it and create a new invoice from the template. If you want, you can fill out your company information to create your own commercial invoice template so you have ready-to-use commercial invoice template. This will save you lots of time in the future for filling out your company information repeatedly in each invoice you create.

Every company has its own identity. To make the invoice look and feel match with your company’s identity, you can adjust the fonts and colors accordingly based on your company’s standard.   The commercial invoice is fully editable so you can do it easily in Excel.

This commercial invoice template is ultimately a cost-effective solution to your commercial invoice management challenge. It helps you avoid recurring costs of using invoice maker software or invoice service online.  What are you waiting for? Just download and use the commercial invoice sample now to make your next professional commercial invoices, you will never regret.