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Cleaning Service Invoice


You can download a high-quality cleaning service invoice template to create professional cleaning service invoice for your company. This cleaning service invoice template is perfect for cleaning companies. If you offer cleaning services such as office cleaning, carpet cleaning and one-off spring-cleaning… you definitely need this invoice template.

This cleaning service invoice features various sections where you can fill out cleaning services information.  At the top left section of the invoice, you can add your business details including name, address, phone, fax and email. On the right-hand side, you can add information of the customer who is being charged.  The invoice template also allows you to put payment terms, due date and sale person who is in charge of managing the service sales. A list of work done is including so you can put services, description and unit price of each. The subtotal, sale tax and a total of the invoice are included for filling out. In addition, you can add your own company logo with the slogan at the bottom left section of the invoice.

Whenever you send out the invoice to your customer, you should keep one copy for yourself. If you have to send the invoice via email, you can create a PDF version of it by print the invoice into PDF printer.

This cleaning service invoice template is in Microsoft Word template so using it is quite simple. You just need to download the file, extract it and create a new invoice from the template file.