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Catering Invoice Template


Food, check; transport, check; cutlery, check; GPRS directions to the outdoor event, check; catering invoice? ‘Hello, what’s that?” you ask, “The client accepted my quote and I don’t see anything going wrong.” Is that so? What if you arrive at your client’s venue and discover that you have to cater for 200 guests and not 100 guests your contract stipulated? What if you arrive at your client’s venue and discover that a VIP needs a ‘special’ diet? What if the guests come for second helpings and you had only budgeted for single helpings? What if your client’s function starts late and you have to keep your staff longer than the agreed working hours?

These unforeseen events mean you will have to serve more food than you had anticipated, meaning you will have to invoice your client more money. But if you don’t have your catering invoice with you, it will be easy for your client to say “We agreed you charge me $250, sorry, I can’t pay you more.”

Introducing the catering invoice template, the simple-to-use problem solver. This vital document contains the following features:

  • Your company logo
  • The date that you issue the invoice
  • Your company’s name and its contact information
  • Your client and his/her contact information
  • your arrival and departure times at the venue
  • Description of work
  • The ingredients you used to prepare more food, their quantities and prices
  • The total amount payable to you based on the materials’ prices, your labour costs (add overtime in case the event stretches beyond the agreed time)and tax
  • Your customer’s signature signifying agreement with the content and date

The most vital segment is the ‘description of work.’ Ensure you fill in all the details, including the extra food you had to prepare, the time taken, etc that you had to undertake to satisfy the guests ‘culinary desires. The main advantage of this invoice is that it eliminates the ‘This wasn’t part of the contract’ loophole a cunning client might use to avoid paying you for extra work you have undertaken to fulfill your contractual obligation.

So, next time before you go to your client’s venue, ensures using our catering invoice template to create your invoice and bring it with you.