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Work Order Template

Work Order TemplateIf you are looking for a free work order template to create professional work orders for your business, you are at the right place. In this section, we provide you with high quality, fully customizable work order templates to help you create your own work orders fast and easily.

Our work order templates are designed to allow you record essential information of a work order such as customer, work and a list of services or materials supporting complete the work. Our work order template helps you process service orders, job orders, and even repair orders quickly. Using our work order templates, all you have to do is filling out the essential information on appropriate sections.  Scroll down to the bottom section to choose the work order template you want and download it, or continue reading the section below to find out the best way to use the work order template.

What is a work order

If you are not sure about what a work order is, let make it clear. A work order is an order, issued by the customer, which describes detailed services to be complete or products to be manufactured or purchased. Work order sometimes can be use as an invoice.

The work order is also known as job order or work ticket in the manufacturing environment. In manufacturing business, the manufacturers create the work order from sale order to indicate that the manufacturing of products is starting.

In service management, contractor or consultant and technician can use work order as a service order to describe location, date, time and services rendered.

Using work order template

Using our work order template is simple and straightforward, you just need to download and fill out the necessary information in appropriate sections. The following illustrates the meaning of each field in the work order template:

  • Logo: you can insert your own company logo by selecting the sample logo and replace it with your logo.
  • Company name: is where you can put your business name.
  • Business address: fill out your address details with street name, city, state, ZIP and contact number.
  • Bill To: is the name and address of the customer who the invoice is sent to. This customer will be in charge of payment.
  • Ship To:  the name and address of customer who you ship the goods to or where the services are carried out
  • W.O.#: stand for work order number, which uniquely identifies the work order. Work order number is used for order management purpose.
  • Products or services: A list of itemizing of products to be purchased or service to be rendered with quantity, description, rate and price of each.
  • Total and grand total: if you use spreadsheet work order template, the total and grand total are calculated automatically based on the item total and tax.

Tip: if you have to create a work order for a specific vendor or supplier, you should fill out your business and vendor information first and save it as a specific work order template. Next time if you want to send a work order to this vendor, you just have to create a new work order from the ready-to-use template you created.

It is important to note that the work order template cannot replace the work order management software. If you have a large volume of work orders to process, you should always look for comprehensive work order software on the market.

Download work order template

Start browsing the work order template below and choose the one that best suit your business needs. Feel free to customize it if you want.