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Sales Invoice Template

Sale Invoice TemplateAre you a small business owner looking for sales invoice template to make your own professional sales invoices? Help is here! In this section, you can find all kinds of high quality sales invoice templates that help you create your own invoices free.

Our sales invoice templates were designed with small business owners in mind. All sales invoice templates are easy-to-use, customizable and yet professional.  The sales invoices are in Excel or Word format so you control all the layout, template and content. You can add your own business information such as name, logo and address and sales information into the invoice with ease.

How to use sales invoice templates

Using sales invoice template is intuitive and straightforward. You first enter your business information and then save the invoice as a new template so you have ready-to-use sales invoice template whenever you want to create a new one. It saves you time by filling out the same information every time you create a new invoice. The following illustrates some of the most important fields in the sales invoice:

  • Company information:  is the section where you enter your company information.
  • Bill To: is where you send the bill to. In some cases, the Bill To is different from Ship To information
  • Ship to: is where your product is delivered to.
  • Salesperson: is the person who handles the order.
  • Shipping information: is where you can fill out shipping method, terms, delivery date…
  • Payment terms: where you indicate when the payment is due. If the term is long, you can use a special block inside the sales invoice to describe it.
  • Items sold: is a table where each product sold is listed line by line with the detailed information such as quantity, description, unit price, discount, and tax.

Download sales invoice templates

You can browse the sale invoices template collection below and choose the one that match your business’s needs. The download file is in ZIP format so you have to extract it using ZIP program like 7zip. After that you are in business of creating professional sales invoice.