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Proforma Invoice Template

If you are looking for proforma invoice template to create your own great looking and professional proforma invoices for your company, you are at the right place. In this section, you can download high-quality proforma invoice form that can be personalized to suits your needs.

Proforma invoice is also known as proforma invoice or pro forma invoice. Proforma invoice is an estimated invoice issued by a seller to a buyer in advance of a shipment of goods. Like standard commercial invoice, it provides essential information about goods, quantity, list price, and other important information including weight and freight.  Different from the commercial invoice, it is not a request for payment.

Proforma invoice is typically used at customs in international trades. At customs of buyer’s country, the proforma invoice can help determine import taxes and customs duties of the shipment. In addition, pro forma invoice enables both seller and buyer decrease transit time of the shipment of goods because the paperwork is already processed before the actual shipment.

Whenever you need to issue a sales document for goods that you have not shipped yet, you should always issue a proforma invoice to offer goods to your customers; and using our pro forma invoice is a great start. It helps you generate professional pro forma invoices fast and easily. Our pro forma invoice template is in Excel spreadsheet so you can customize it based on your business requirements.

How to use proforma invoice template

Using the proforma invoice template is straightforward, you just need to browse the template below and choose the one that suits your business needs. After that you need to follow the step below:

  1. Extract the  proforma template file using ZIP program
  2. Create new document from pro forma invoice template
  3. Fill out your business information including your logo, address, and other details
  4. Create new pro forma invoice template from this document so you have ready to use pro forma invoice form.
  5. If you want to create new pro forma invoice, use this new template and fill out the essential information.

Download proforma invoice template

Spend few minutes on browsing the pro forma invoice template below, choose the one that you like and have fun creating great proforma invoices for your business.