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Commercial Invoice Template

commercial invoice templateIf you are running an international business, you definitely have to deal with the commercial invoice on the regular basis. In this section, you can download a high-quality commercial invoice template to create professional looking commercial invoices for your business.

A commercial invoice is a written document between an exporter (vendor or supplier) and an importer (buyer or customer) that contains detailed information about goods or products. The commercial invoice is used by customs agency of the importer for valuation and import taxes. The commercial invoice is also a supporting document for other documents required by international shipping policy of each country. The information listed on the commercial invoice and other international shipping documents must be consistent.

Commercial invoice format

The typical commercial invoice should have the following important elements:

Invoice heading: the typical heading of a commercial invoice is “commercial invoice” to distinguish between commercial invoice and another kind of invoices such as sales invoice or service invoice.

Invoice number:  each invoice must have a unique invoice number. Your company may have a naming convention for assign number to invoices; just read it and fill it out to make it valid.

Company details: the company details include company name, logo, address, contact number, fax, email, plus registration number of your company.

Dates details:  the date’s information is very important to both exporter and importer. In commercial invoice, you have to fill out three dates including due date, export date, and delivery date.

  • Due date is the date, that specified by customers, for deliver goods.
  • Export date, as its name implied, is the date when the goods are shipped across the borders by either sea or air.
  • Delivery date is the date when goods are delivered to customer’s warehouse.

Term of Sale is where you can put term of sale in abbreviated text such as F.O.B

Consignee and importer details: provide essential information about consignee and importer address and contact phone in details.

Payment terms: a commercial invoice can have payment terms including payment method, the due date for payment and a specific amount.

Products information:  gives detailed information on a list of itemized products or goods including description, weight, quantity, unit value and total value. In addition, subtotal, freight cost, insurance, and grand totals are listed.

Signature of shipper / exporter: Finally yet importantly, the last section is the signature of shipper and exporter.

Using commercial invoice template

To create commercial invoices you have to prepare and write down a lot of information. However, we provide you with free commercial invoice form so you just have to fill out blank space with essential information.  Using  our blank commercial invoice template ultimately saves you a lot of time. You can follow the steps below to create your own commercial invoices:

  1. Browse the commercial invoice templates and choose the one the suits your need
  2. Download and extract the ZIP file using ZIP program
  3. Create a new invoice in Excel if it is a spreadsheet or load it into PDF reader if the template is in PDF format.
  4. Fill out the necessary information and print out.

Download Commercial Invoice Template

Feel free to download the template and customize it to suits your business requirements.