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Blank Work Order


You can download a high-quality blank work order to create your great looking work orders for your business.

A work order is a form that contains details of goods and services that a client requires from a supplier or another department within the same organization. It helps the vendor understand clearly what the client wants, in terms of quantity size, shape, color etc, of the goods he wants to be supplied, or when where and what he wants a service.

The work order contains details which include: company name, customer number contacts and physical and postal addresses of both persons/organizations issuing it and the receiving the order. It will have the type of work to be carried out i.e. repair work, manufacture of a product, delivery of goods, their quantity, price ant total for the each item and total amount for the order.

The work order may vary for a service and for goods. In case of service, it includes the following information:

  1. The location where the service will be delivered to
  2. Description of the service to be carried out
  3. Date and time of service
  4. Type of personnel required.
  5. The rate of labor, quantity, and total amount
  6. Materials to be used in the service e.g. spares to replace worn out
  7. Parts in case of servicing machines

For a production of goods, the work order will include:

  1. The quantity of goods required their price and amount of each item.
  2. Total labor, rate and amount.
  3. Machine utilization, their rate, and amount

A blank work order can be downloaded for free on this page so that you can customize it for your business. The form is very important to business in the following ways.

  • It helps business assess costs incurred and compare them with standard costs and take appropriate corrective action.
  • It helps collect information for profitability reporting.
  • It can be used as an invoice.
  • It helps track inventory at hand by checking orders leading to stock on hand.
  • It helps borrow common, materials from one project to another in the case of delayed supplies.
  • It helps plan and execute orders in terms of priority, place etc.
  • It serves as an express authority to incur expenditure and proceed to deliver a product or service.
  • And the work order also assists in tracking work in progress.