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Blank Service Invoice


If you do not have invoice maker software or do not have enough budget spending on invoice service online, our blank service invoice is a great help.  On this page, we provide you with high-quality blank service invoice template to help you create your own professional service invoices free.

This blank service invoice is perfect for the freelancer, contractor, and consultant. It features different sections for filling out invoice’s information. In the Bill To section, you can add the customer details including name, address, city, state, zip code, and phone. Invoice number and dates fields are also available. It helps you to track the invoice and keep your book organized.  A list of itemized services, including description, hour, the rate per hour and line item total, allow you to enter your services and payment of each.  You can calculate the grand total and fill out at the last line of the list.

This blank service invoice template is a cost-effective solution while maintaining the professional look for your business. In addition, it ultimately helps you manage invoice more efficiently that helps your bottom line. Take a minute to download this blank service invoice template, start to generate your next invoices and have fun.