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invoice templateIf you are a small business, freelancer, contractor or consultant looking for a free invoice template to create a professional invoice, please be sure to check our simple yet professional invoice templates.

We designed the invoice templates for busy business people in mind. The templates are either in Excel spreadsheet or Word document template format so you can work with them immediately without a big learning curve.

To use the template, you just simply insert your company’s name, logo and address in the appropriate sections of the invoice. There is a section for a list of itemized of products or services with quantity, description and price. If you use the Excel invoice format, the tax and grand total amounts are calculated automatically, which is a great time-saver.

We provide a preview picture for each invoice to help you see how it looks before downloading. The file is in ZIP file format so you need to use a ZIP software to extract it first before using the template.

You can print out the invoice and send it to your customer. The invoice template is also very handy if you use it with multi-part carbon-less laser paper or multi-part collated laser paper. If your customers request a soft copy of the invoice, you can create an additional PDF copy and send the PDF invoice via email. The Microsoft Office 2013 or later allows you to to save the file as a PDF file. If you use an earlier version of Microsoft Office, you can use a PDF maker software such as CutePDFPrimoPDF and doPDF.

Using our invoice templates is an excellent start to create a professional invoice for your business. It helps you avoid recurring costs for the invoice maker software.

Essential information appears on an invoice

A typical invoice must has the following information:

  • The company details include company logo, name, address, business contact and VAT registration number if applicable.
  • The customer details include customer ID,  customer name, and the business contact.
  • The invoice number:  you should assign each invoice a unique number to keep your invoices organized. The common way to assign a number to an invoice is to use the customer as the prefix  and a running number or date as the suffix. For example, if you issue an invoice to the Intel customer, you can assign a number to invoice as INTEL0001 or INTEL20160201.
  • The dates: an invoice should include two dates: issued date and due date. The issued date is the date when you issued the invoice. And the due date is the date that customer has to pay you. The due date is normally 30, 45 or 60 days after you issue the invoice.
  • The products or services: is a list of itemized of products that were delivered or services that were rendered. This section typically displays as a table where you can enter multiple products or services with item #, description, amount and tax if applicable.
  • The payment terms indicate how you want to receive payment. For example, you can put payment term like: “Payment should be made within 45 days via PayPal.”
  • Last but not least, you can add a message to express your appreciations to your customers for doing business with you.

There are some kinds of special invoices such as commercial invoice and proforma invoice that have specific information for customs clearance.

Download free invoice template

Please feel free to download our invoice templates to your computer, create an invoice, and send it to your customers to get paid faster.

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